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(Article en français ici)

Just like every summer, we went to the Foire médiévale et Festival des Troubadours et Saltimbanques de Souvigny (or Souvigny Festival for short) (that’s in France, guys). This time we went on Thursday to see our friends the Zoolians, ans were glad we did, since we were able to see no less than 3 differents shows by these artists we love and admire! I don’t have any good pictures of the first and last ones (a juggling comedy show, soooo funny! and an amazing fire juggling show with guest artists, absolutely amazing, especially the final with 11 jugglers and fire-eaters at the same time!) but I do have photos of the second one, a parade through the streets of the city on quite… unconventional mounts.

I love these creatures so much. And they’re so cuddly! One of them gave me the most adorable head-butt ♥

We also checked the fair (I bought a lovely red heart-shaped leather purse, and leather laces to make… stuff. I don’t know what exactly right now.), the inn where we had the best beef burger ever (legendary), and we waited in front of the church for the sun to set and the fire show to start, being silly and taking pictures. So my hair dye is still fading, but people seem to find it pretty.

Just like every year, Souvigny was just magical.

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100 pages & 1 interview

Big day today, guys! I’m writing on the 100th page of this blog AND some friends of mine just published an interview with yours truly. (If you can read French, check it out.) (If you can’t, it’s mostly about color - hair color especially, of course. I may or may not translate it into English later if anyone’s interested.)

(Is anyone interested?)

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I’m back!

Sorry about the hiatus - I just moved into a new apartment, so these last days were quite hectic. Now everything is (nearly) back to normal!

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